CPDs – Continuing Professional Development Courses

Lucy offers CPD courses for teachers

Focusing on specific areas of study – each course has a practice group in the morning and in the afternoon, we explore the subject area and integrate it into our knowledge base.

CPDs in 2019 

Adjusting the Intermediate series – Variations and supports to ease the body through the deep back bending sequences and deep hip opening sequences of the 2nd series.  Lots of physical experiential learning, and various methods to protect knees and shoulders while adjusting these deeper asana.

The mechanics of the Spine – The Primary Series, begins the process of opening, aligning and balancing the left and right sides of the body.  We observe the differences in sides, safety issues in the required movements in the kinetic chain of Sacroiliac joint/hip/knee/ankle and foot, and the shoulder girdle/shoulder joint/elbow/wrist and hand and the relationship of both the shoulder girdle and pelvic girdle to the spine. We will clarify where we want the movements required by the asana to come from and the available movements in the spine that can sometimes hinder or otherwise assist the asanas progress.