My Commitment

Lucy’s teaching style is focused on embodiment and present time awareness.

yapo teacher senior - Ashtanga Yoga TrainingShe has developed an attentive and detailed approach to exploring the practice of Yoga – respecting each person and their differing needs.  She supports the idea that the practice may need to be  modified to suit the individual and is committed to appropriate modifications. Lucy therefore offers variations and supports to bring a more natural alignment in the Asana and additional specific stretches, often held for longer so that the tissues have time to soften in the areas where we hold tension.

We have to meet the body as a friend and ally, to work with the body seeking new space through breath and awareness.  The Asana combine in a moving dance like sequence, softening, strengthening and lengthening the tissues whilst increasing stamina with the breath.

The most profound changes in the body come from attention to the smallest details.