CPDs - Continuing Study for Yoga Teachers

CPDs – with Lucy Crawford

CPDs are provided for teachers who wish to develop their skills in specific subject areas.

Lucy Provides a number of CPDs each year to share knowledge and understanding on various subject areas.

CPDs in 2020 – will include:


Working with METs  (2 Days – Weekend Workshop) £320

Adjustments using Muscle Energy Techniques can help to reset the length of shortened muscles. Within the context of Yoga Practice, Lucy’s training of the past 2 years with John Gibbons in Oxford, has provided many new techniques for helping Yoga Students with areas of ‘Stuckness’ in the body.  METs can be used with dramatic and instant effect for students who are held back by shortened muscle length and chronic contracted tissues.  Lucy Will teach techniques to help the student re-set muscle length and a more balanced musculature.


Restorative Practice with Craniosacral Orientation (2 days – Weekend Workshop) £320

The Restorative Practice is there as a way to help the Nervous System down regulate, Putting the body into various Asana Shapes, supported by props of various kinds and the body letting go into that shape.  Adding in a new component of listening to the action of the fluid tide, as we deepen into specific positions, prompting the Nervous system to down regulate and clear.  Lucy will teach the process of listening to the CSF (Cerebospinal Fluid) in the inhalation and exhalation phases of the tide.