CPDs – Continuing Professional Development


CPD courses for teachers

Focusing on specific areas of study – each course has a practice group in the morning and in the afternoon, we explore the subject area and integrate it into our knowledge base.

CPDs in 2019 

The mechanics of the Spine


The Primary Series, begins the process of opening, aligning and balancing the left and right sides of the body.  We will observe our own and each others varied patterns in the two sides of our bodies and see where this may be connected to areas of restriction in the spine.

This CPD will explore how to help to access the 4 segments of the spine by connecting to their inherent movent possibities.  We will look at the core (bandha) and our connection to foundation through the legs and the pelvis and the shoulders.  We need to be clear with our intentions through the major joints connecting to the spine and how they can work to support the spine as opposed to pulling the spine beyond its safety limitations. The kinetic chain of support from the foot to the spine (foot, ankle, knee, hip to Sacroiliac joint) and the hand, wrist elbow shoulder, sterno clavicular joint and shoulder blade connection to the ribcage and spine.

This CPD will focus primarily on standing poses and seated poses of the Primary series. We will clarify where we want the movements required by the asana to come from and the available movements in the spine that can sometimes hinder or otherwise assist the asanas progress. This CPD is useful to all teachers and will give you a greater understanding of adjustments in poses.


Standing Asana – a complete exploration


Getting the Standing poses to work for you in preparing the hips for the subsequent seated poses of the primary series.

We will take time to look at the whole standing sequence, where to focus when adjusting the standing asana.  The support of the spine and how to make the legs work for you in opeing the hips and not collapsing into our hips.  When we support the pelvis effectively we have a much clearer sense of the spine and the space we can create.

We will use belts to move hips and shoulders into aligned and supported positions so that the spine can also find its own self support without losing its own space and with less contortion.

The tendency for us all is to fall into patterns of practice that over time can create issues in the body, Yoga is about health and how we can bring optimum health to the body as a whole.  Be prepared to change some of the patterns you have adopted, to find new space and new strength to support the new space.

This CPD is particularly useful for new teachers and can help to inform you when assessing where best to adjust.


More CPD’s to follow soon: