The Fluid Tide - Our Inherent Breath

Assisted Morning Yoga Practice is also avaialble on this week, see separate booking page.


2pm - 4.30pm


An orientation to the fields in which we formed.  Coming into form - and going out of form - The Big Vinyasa of Life.

I will give some Power Points presentations, a brief look at our embryology, and to the fields of organisation that formed us and continue to support us, as we grow and evolve in our continuing embryological process today.  From the moment of conception to his moment now, every cell of us continues to be supported by the organising fields, and the Fluid Tide.

PRACTICE: Hands on Practice:  The Midtide, The Longtide, Dynamic Stillness.  

Spending time settling, grounding and becoming a receptive, non doing, heart centred listener, to other and self.

I will guide this journey into developing these deep listening skills, with heart centred receptivity, to develop the quiet listening attentive mind and receptive open engagement with the forces operating through the fields that hold us in life and a conscious rlationship to what holds us in life. 

The Fluid tide and its potency supports and organises our cells and tissues, and our enquiry into what it is to be here, brings a felt sense relationship with our inherant health.  The fluid tide is our inherant breath, ever present, within the conditions of our lives and being. 

Where it becomes therpeutic is in the restoration of the fluid tide, to areas of  the body, that through conditions, have lost connection to it.

We will learn to listen for the tide in both other, and self, building relationship to the fields within fields that hold us in our lives, and in our health.  

I believe that coming into relationship with the  'Fluid Tide' it is also a marked 'gateway' to meditation.


This CPD and Yoga Practice Week are collectable hours for those who are studying for the 300 Hours Further teacher Training and account for 25 hours.  A certificate  will be provided for those to whom this applies.

Starts On:
March 11, 2024
2:00 PM
Ends On:
March 15, 2024
4:30 PM

11th - 15th March, Yoga - Fascilitated Practice - Gweek

Morning Yoga Practice 

8.30AM - 11.30AM


A time for you to indulge in your practice, with my guidance and assistance and orientation to specifics where you need help, attention, new ways of meeting yourself in the shapes and forms of Yoga Asana.  

Working with the body, breath, heart and mind.

Finding the ground and the gravity to invite new space into the body field.  


THE FLUID TIDE - A CPD for a small group of 6 students

OPTIONAL CPD in the Afternoons: 2- 4.30pm (4 days) MON, TUES, WED, THURS)

This course is for those wishing to learn about Primary Respiration.

A fascinating and beautiful journey into our inherent embryological breath, and its expression as palpable tides in the body that we orient to in Craniosacral Biodynamics.  This is a deeply meditative Practice that supports our own well being, once we have learned to feel the tide, we can use it to down regulate the Nervous System and deepen our connection to self and other, as  we are all breathed by the same breath. 

This 10 hour course will include power points, meditations and a practical component of hands on listening work.


There is a separate booking and information page for anyone interested in this fascinating and beautiful journey!




Starts On:
March 11, 2024
8:30 AM
Ends On:
March 15, 2024
11:00 AM

1st - 3rd March 2024 - Yogaloft, BURBAGE Weekend Workshop

All bookings directly with Kat Jennings - Yogaloft - Burbage



Friday 6pm : restorative Fascial Release

A focus on the fascial lines as designated by Tom Myers. A gentle Explorative Restorative Evening, using belts, blankets and bolsters to rest in various Asana to reflect the fascial lines.

The five Fascial lines according to Myers are:
The Superficial Back Line
The Superficial Front Line
The Lateral Line
The Spiral Line
The Deep Front Line
Back of the Arm Line
Front of the Arm Line 


We will explore these fascial  lines in relationship to Asana, using positional release techniques (restorative stretching) which relys on Gravity, Ground and additional supports to find the point of ease and for the fascial to unbind and soften. A wonderful beginning for this weekend Workshop.


Saturday Morning:

Times to be confirmed: 2 x morning Mysore Practice groups


Saturday PM Workshop

Explorations: working with twists to deepen the experience of backbending. (A Led Class)

A series of twists from both Primary and Intermediate Ashtanga series and Iyengars 'Light on Yoga', interspersed with gentle backbending work between each twist, to deepen into the tissues supporting and connecting the spine, shoulders and pelvis.

We will complete the session with a breath based meditation into the spine itself, restoring the Potency of Midline.

Explorations: worksing with twists to deepen the experience of backbending.


Sunday Morning:

Times to be confirmed: 2 x morning Mysore Practice groups


Contact Kat at Yoga Loft for further details.


Starts On:
March 01, 2024
7:00 AM
Ends On:
March 03, 2024
3:00 PM

Reading Workshop - 20th - 21st April 2024

Contact Katia at Yoga Reading for Bookings!


Reading Workshop: 4th and 5th November 2023

Morning Class - A led practice  - Ashtanga Primary Series Class, (with variations and supports if needed). Primary Series focuses primarily on forward bending (hip flexion) and external rotation of the hip joints combined with forward flexion, stretching the back body and engaging the front body.  We will explore some variations to our forward bends - adding rotations and shoulder work into our forward bends.  

Saturday Afternoon - A playful led class - A look at the spine in backhanding and rotations.  Balancing the body after the forward bending of the morning class. The focus will be on the balance of opposites, with an orientation to our fascia, lengthening, and  softening, interspersing twists with back bends.  Please bring straps to this class.  Explorations into rotations spiralling into asana forms.


Sunday 21st May 2023

Morning Class - Led Ashtanga Class - Continuation of my previous Introduction to the Intermediate Series.  This class will be suitable for Primary Series Practitioners, exploring the more accessible asana from this series.  The intermediate Series focuses on hip and spinal  extension, engaging the muscles of the back body to pen and stretch the front body. A perfect Balance to the work of the Primary Series.

Sunday Afternoon - A playful led class - Deep hip flexion and external rotations.  Spending time - harnessing our gift of gravity to release into spinal flexion, curling down and  engaging the front body to assist this process of lengthening the fascia of the back body.  The movement processes I present will lead us into more ease and understanding, of the journey towards the leg behind head asana.  

Starts On:
April 20, 2024
10:00 AM
Ends On:
April 21, 2024
3:00 PM
Booking is closed at this moment

FULLY BOOKED - MAY 2024 - YOGA retreat - Samati Wellness Finca - Alicante, Spain

Arrival Wednesday 8th May 2024

Departure  Wednesday 15th May  or Thursday 16th  May 2024 (flight dependent)

Morning Yoga - 9th - 15th inclusive

There will be 3 aftenoon classes: 10th,12th and 14th May 2024

Yoga Explorations, Somatic Experiencing, Fascial stretching, and Marma Meditations.

The cost for the Yoga element of this Yoga week is £450 (pound sterling) and can be booked here.



Cost of staying at Sammati Wellness Finca is in Euros as follows; 

• Sharing a double room is €85 per person per day (€595)

• Single room is €135 PPD (€945)

• The cost will also include x 2 delicious daily meals (vegetarian, mainly vegan or plant-based),  brunch & dinner.

• Indoor & outdoor shala with all props provided plus finca for our private use.

The cost of staying at Sammati Wellness should be made directly to JJ at Sammati in advance to secure your booking.

Places will be made on a first come first served basis.


If you have never been to Sammati Wellness Finca, I can reccommend it personally.  The atmosphere is welcoming, relaxed, inclusive and personal.  The smell of the oranges growing here permeate the air, the swimming pool refreshing and welome in the heat of the day, and the food, that JJ is often preparing herself along with other talented others is completely delicious


If you need a break away that includes wonderful, personal, informative and intelligent teaching, by me 🙂 Come along....

We look forward to seeing you there!

Starts On:
May 08, 2024
8:00 AM
Ends On:
May 15, 2024
11:00 AM

Explorations of the Fascial Body in Yoga - Barbour Institute, Chester, UK

Lucy believes that we all need freedom to explore, and her study of fascial bodywork and Craniosacral Therapy over the last 3 decades inform this attentive presence to the body-mind, developing inner attention and curiosity. The bodies language is sensation and we need to “listen in” whilst exploring our movement possibilities.

This workshop will be a series of led classes, exploring Asana and particular movements required in the joints in various Yoga Asana. ‘Asana’ simply means posture, so finding the even and balanced posture in each Asana form. The practice of Asana, (postures) involves all the major joints in the body, keeping them healthy in movement, and strong in stillness.

Over stretching can cause the core muscles, (iIliopsoas) to tighten, in the body’s intelligent plight to stabilise. We will orient to the joints with curiosity, using some Muscle Energy techniques to lengthen shortened muscles, without stress to the tendons and ligaments. The Workshop will then orient to the fascial meridians/lines developed by Tom Myers, to explore how the various Asana, take up these lines of action and tensegrity through the body, making shapes with our bodies to engage the specific lines. Practicing Asana in this way brings balanced form, with great attention to body listening.


Saturday 7 September 2024 - Led Class - 10.00 - 12.30

An introduction to Asana in a flowing form, with attention to gentle and focused breathing.

In this class we will warm up the body with flexion and extension patterns, our original patterns of movement from our earliest years. From here we will move to standing and explore our legs in relationship to gravity and the ground, from the feet up. The Asana act as a vehicle for our curiosity, with an orientation to space in the joints - reaching out away from the core/midline. We will explore balancing in motion and in stillness, observing patterns of compensation, and engaging correct muscles to support. Moving to the floor, the seated Asana will give us a new sense of foundation with direct connection to the pelvis. Using various Asana to explore the connection of the pelvis to the spine and ribcage, neck and head.

Saturday 7 September 2024 - Led Class 13.30 - 16.00

Using some of the fascial meridians/lines developed by Tom Myers, we will Explore how various Asana take up these lines of action and tensegrity through the body. This will be an explorative class, making shapes with our bodies to engage the specific lines. We will explore the Superficial Back line, the deep front line, and the lateral line in Asana.

Sunday 8 September 2024 - Led Class 10.00 - 12.30

A flowing class, with attention to the breath. A brief encounter with the diaphragm orienting to softening and relaxing before we begin. An orientation to breath, diaphragmatic breathing vs upper chest breathing and the relationship to sympathetic and parasympathetic states. Using a gentle breath, we will explore how the way we breathe, can help the fascia to soften and release. This Led session will move through a series of Asana in Pose/Counterpose, incorporating Muscle Energy Techniques to bring joints into a new state of balanced tension.

Sunday 9 September 2024 Led Class 13.30 - 16.00

Using some of the fascial meridians/lines developed by Tom Myers, we will Explore how various Asana take up these lines of action and tensegrity through the body. This will be an explorative class, making shapes with our bodies to engage the specific lines. We will explore the spiral line in Asana twists, and the arm lines, exploring the shoulder girdle and various movements in the upper body to assist binding and shoulder freedom. A much needed antidote for the demands placed on our necks and shoulders.


Investment - £160 whole weekend, £80 one day, £45 individual class.

BOOKINGS - Please Email:



Starts On:
September 07, 2024
10:00 AM
Ends On:
September 08, 2024
4:00 PM