Craniosacral Therapy & Fascia Informed Bodywork

Craniosacral Therapy & Fascia Informed Bodywork

Craniosacral Therapy & Fascia Informed Bodywork

Lucy Crawford Scott (RCST, BCST, BCMA Reg)


What is Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy?

The roots of Craniosacral Therapy lie in the field of Osteopathy. Dr William Sutherland discovered the inherent motility of cranial bones and the expression of this inherent breath throughout the body. This work has developed to embrace the ongoing embryological processes that are continuing today as we age, grow and change. This beautiful work is deeply relaxing and helps the body to release and resolve compensatory patterns in the tissues, enhancing and maintaining health in the human system as a whole.

This non-manipulative Therapy is suitable for babies, children and adults alike. It utilises the inherent potency to prioritise the needs of the individual system, towards health and integration. This unique therapy helps to resolve conditions held in the system, resulting from trauma and stress. It supports Nervous System regulation using gentle, non invasive touch to engage with the system, and its inherent intelligence, expressed as motility, (the inherent breath of tissues at a cellular level). The practitioner uses finely tuned listening skills to engage and support the whole system towards releasing conditions held, supporting a return to health, wholeness and integration.

Lucy has 20 years experience in this field and over the past 10 years was part of the tutor team at the renowned Karuna Institute of Craniosacral Therapy in Devon.

What does a session involve?

Your session will begin sitting and settling, verbally addressing any health concerns given in your (consultation form. This will be emailed before the first appointment. , We will then work together with a clear orientation to what you would like to get from the session.

Please wear loose comfortable clothing, as you will remain fully clothed during the session, supported with various pillows and usually lying down. Your therapist will keep a verbal communication, checking with you and what you may be experiencing, whilst maintaining hands on contact with your body/system.

Sessions usually begin at the feet, where the therapist can get a sense of the whole system and observe how the fluid tide is expressing in the system as a whole. Areas of inertia, restriction and holding will be perceived within the whole. These are sensed as areas ‘not moving’ with the fluctuations of the fluid tide. The therapist will often move to hold the specific areas of inertia to engage ‘potency’ using the Beckers 3 phase system for resolution. The therapist facilitates the resolution of compensations held within the system, whilst tracking the priorities and changes in the system.

The first session will take an hour and a half to allow for discussion of your health history form and to get a clear orientation to your specific needs. It is important to note that while a single session can have noticeable effects, multiple sessions are accumulative in achieving the results you are seeking.

Ongoing Sessions usually last an hour, longer sessions if preferred are bookable in advance.

Session Costs:
£65 ( 1 hour)  –  £90 (hour and a half) –   £110 – 2 hours

£90 (1.5 hours) 1st session, with initial orientation to consultation form (Adult)



What is Fascia Informed Bodywork (BCMA Reg)

An effective, safe, gentle hands on therapy for the treatment of holding patterns that reduce mobility, restrict our bodies movement possibilities causing discomfort and pain. Fascia Informed bodywork aims to treat the restrictions and offers a welcome release from old injury and related issues facilitating change in tissues that have been holding on, long after the original injury.

The therapist places hands directly onto the skin applying a gentle sustained pressure and waits for the tissues to respond, sensing the fascial restrictions and pattens expressing and engages with the fascial system to soften, lengthen and release the fascia. There are various techniques used including direct sustained pressure, cross hand stretch techniques, torque techniques and each one meets the fascia in the best way possible to assist tissue release, restoring healthy functioning to the area and to the whole system.

All accidents, injuries, operations, leave restrictions held in the fascia and have a sustained effect on the functioning of the tissue field as a whole. Fascia can become dense, stuck and inertial – restricting the healthy functioning of the whole fascial network. When Fascia is healthy it is soft, pliable and motile.

Fascial Informed Bodywork releases these restrictions, decreasing pain, restoring balance, integration and healthy functioning of the bodies connective tissues. Because fascia functions as a whole body 3D network from head to toe, therefore working on one area can have profound effects on other areas of the body.

Please email if you would like to book a session.

Sessions can be arranged for 1 hour, 1.5 hours, or 2 hours.

The sessions take time, and because fascia does not respond to force therapists need to work with the speed of the body, and not force the work in any way.

Session Costs:

Cost £65 per hour, £95 per 1.5 hours, and £120 for 2 hours