About Lucy

Lucy Crawford began her body work career in 1990 as an Aromatherapist, Massage Therapist and Bodywork Practitioner at Natureworks in Central London.  Soon after Lucy began her study of Yoga in 1992 with Derek Ireland and Radha Warrell in London.  In December 1993 Lucy travelled to India to begin her studies with Shri K. Pattabhi Jois. In 1995 Lucy received Guruji’s blessing to teach and has been sharing the Practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga since that time.

Lucy currently holds Yoga Workshops in the UK and around the world, Yoga holidays, CPD’s (continuing Professional Development for Teachers) and 200 hour Teacher Trainings.

Lucy has developed her own unique style of teaching, with attention to anatomical and experiential explorations around movement possibilities informed by her Craniosacral Therapy work, and study and work with Fascia.

The body responds to force, with restriction, protection and defense; conversely the body responds to intelligent touch and listening to the body with attention, with softening and release.

Yoga is the relationship to ‘self’ – reflected in the body field. How we practice reflects that relationship of self to self. We can practice with kindness and curious enquiry, and the body responds with softening, in the safety that it is no longer being ‘done to’ but rather listened to and responded to with care and love.

Lucy has a background in Aromatherapy, Applied Kinesiology, Holistic Massage, Bodywork, Chavutti Thirimal (Indian Foot Pressure Massage) and is a qualified Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist with 20 years experience. Lucy has been a Tutor at the renowned ‘Karuna Institute of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy’ in Devon. Lucy continues her study with Fascia and fascial release techniques and is a qualified FIB practitioner (Fascial Informed Bodywork).